Saturday, October 31, 2009

She works hard for the money

After being embarrassed into upgrading my old Samsung flip phone that I had for 3 years, I decided after much research to purchase the sleek and sexy BlackBerry Curve. Now that I'm on my third one because the first two kept malfunctioning, I find myself wondering how I ever lived without it. That blinking red light has me trained like one of Pavlov's subjects! When I press that trackball to see what it has to offer, my eyes light up and flicker with glee as I read the correspondence.  

I shove out of my mind the thought that I'm addicted, and push forward and within 5 minutes I've responded to potential corporate sponsors from Costco & Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group, and to top it off a technology company seeking the services of Kennedy Consulting.  The ability to respond and execute is the difference between success and failure and failure is not an option!  Don't forget one important aspect though...BALANCE!  This too is a key to success.

My BlackBerry indeed is a hard working woman and definitely deserves to be employee of the year!  Who else would do everything she does without asking for anything in return?  That is if you don't count the monthly bill.  So to all my fellow entrepreneurs, happy texting, tweeting, facebooking, emailing, talking and blogging. May it bring you much business success.

Big Shout out to Black Enterprise the business resource of the week!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Starts On Sunday

For an entrepreneur of today, at least one that wants to be successful, the week sometimes starts on Sunday. So with the football game looming in the background and my favorite burrito from Chipotle in hand, the work begins. I'm tempted to think that I could be out chillin at the National Harbor on what is sure to be the last of some really great weather, but I am quickly brought back to the MAC that is sitting on my lap.
Is this what it takes for my business to succeed? Is this what I really want? Maybe I should just update my resume and start the search for that "perfect" position. Of course that certainly is not the answer, the thought of having to pimp myself out again like that is not at all appealing. After quitting my job more than a year ago to start my company, my friends thought I was crazy and for a minute maybe I was slightly insane. "Who would start a business in this economy", they would say or "Why don't you just accept something for now." I realized then that I would tell my hopes and dreams only to those whom I felt would understand and support my efforts and that ended up being only two people. I had many thoughts along the way of possible failure and humiliation but ever present on my mind was "I think I can...I think I can" and I did.

Here I am more than a year later after becoming a full-time entrepreneur and yes my company Kennedy Consulting is growing and I'm continuing to step out on faith, not that surface faith but the kind that gets in the crevices. Oh and stepping out in class certainly didn't hurt either!

Big shout out to Rushing Media the small business of the week!