Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Tweet At A Time

The social media boom in the last decade has had a tremendous effect on small and micro-businesses. These communication tools have undoubtedly increased revenues for companies that have chosen to integrate social media into their overall communication stratagem.  Not to mention it's all free, so why not!  Though social networking should never take the place of face to face meetings, email, "snail mail" and telephone communications, it can certainly be a welcome addition.  With the creation of such sites as facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, a company can now be in direct contact with its customers on a daily basis.  Used effectively, the marketing budget for a small business can be markedly reduced in a matter of minutes per day.  

Growing a strong, sustainable network starts one post at a time...one tweet at a time and most of all, consistency.  Sporadic tweets or facebook posts can actually do more harm for your company than good.  The image of your business relies on your ability to consistently follow thru with current and potential clients.  If your overall goal is to attract lifelong clients or consumers getting your message out in a reasonable timeframe is key.  Social media allows you the opportunity to increase your response rates and communicate your news in just seconds. This component can mean the difference between a customer choosing to use your services or your competitors who may have built a stronger network that they tap into daily.  Though referrals remain the best way to attract new business, when used in conjunction with social media you can solidify these opportunities.

Integrating social media into your overall communication campaign is essential in todays market, however, business owners must also consider cyber security.  Here are a few tips to get you started: One be smart about the information that you post or Tweet, giving away company secrets happens more often than you may realize.  If in doubt don't send it out!  Two change your passwords often.  Alternating between two passwords will help to prevent hackers from gaining access into your account and potentially damaging your reputation.  Passwords and user id's should also be kept in a protected area on your phone or computer.  Three vet each individual that you add to your network.  Check their websites, google them and ask around.  As always I wish you much business success!

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